Cheap Hotel and Luxury Design: Underwater Hotel

hotel is located under the sea but is expected to luxury high comfort for a cheap hotel. with conditions such as water pengunjng can enjoy the warm tropical air to the sunny sea. so that visitors can indulge the senses. luxury hotels have special lighting of the surrounding area. visitors can enjoy the underwater animals from the room. all rooms are soundproofed and have transparency.

idea of the New Cheap Hotel Design: Underwater Hotel  was inspired by a dream of youth and to explore under the sea and enjoy the underwater scenery. with cheap hotel concept used underwater to enjoy cheap holidays. plaza hotel is located in the bottom of the sea so as to allow all guests see depths of the sea. and to enjoy warm water. structure is divided into 2 parts with 3 pieces contains the elevators and stairs Kako adapted to local conditions shape.


plaza hotel

hotel at the top of a restaurant, spa and recreation area special. a lobby with a lot of functionality built near kola pool. Complex can be built anywhere in the world. Design will be made specifically to fit the users in the future and local conditions, such as the form of a coastline and deep waters around coral reefs.

cheap hotel

if there is a change in the environment can be changed to adjust the hotel building. This mobility makes changes in the interior design of a hotel is easier, because each disk can be removed and replaced with new ones. A number of individual modules can be used to build a hotel complex of at least 2000 m2, which can be extended with additional modules (from 1000 to 1500 m2 each).

hotel view